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Lori Cornmesser

The Golden Gate Bridge

Lori Cornmesser lives and works in the beautiful city of San Francisco, California.  Interestingly, San Francisco is a City as well as a County and heads the financial and cultural hub in Northern California as well as the San Francisco bay Area.  San Francisco takes up an area of 46.9 square miles with roughly 17,600 people living within each square mile.  This ratio of people to square mile makes San Francisco the most densely populated large city in the entirety of the state of California.  In terms of just overall population, it is the fourth most populous city in the State of California, with Los Angeles, San Diego and San Jose taking the first, second and third highest population rankings, respectively.

San Francisco was established by Spanish colonists on June 29, 1776.  The City grew tremendously when the California Gold Rush of 1849 occurred, causing the population to spike and making San Francisco the most populated city during that time period.  During World War II, San Francisco was a main port for soldiers who were being called to the Pacific Ocean theatre.  When the war ended, there was a mass of returning soldiers from the war, along with a great deal of immigration; both of which lead to more liberal mindsets in the area, which gave way to San Francisco becoming a known location for the facilitation of liberal activism in the United States.

Lori Cornmesser

San Francisco, California

Today, San Francisco makes the list for the world’s most visited tourist destinations, ranking at number 44.  Some of the landmarks the city is best known for are its cable cares, The Golden Gate Bridge, their Chinatown District and Alcatraz Island where the former prison is located.  San Francisco is surrounded by water on 3 of its sides, so there area a great deal of beaches in San Francisco.  San Francisco is also known for its hilly terrain.

Many of the beautiful beaches and parks of San Francisco are portions of the regional Golden Gate National Recreation Area, a location which is among one of the most frequently visited National Parks in the U.S.  Ocean Beach is one of the most popular attractions in San Francisco and is an attraction for the surfing community.  San Francisco has upwards of 220 parks, although out of all of these beautiful locations, the biggest and the most renowned is the Golden Gate Park.  The Golden Gate Park covers a span of land that begins in the center of the city and continues all the way to the Pacific Ocean, westward from the city center.  The park is home to countless beautiful trees and plants that are not native to the area, making them a rare and breathtaking site.  The Golden Gate Park is also home to collections of smaller gardens and attractions, such as the San Francisco Botanical Garden, the Japanese Tea Gardens and more.

San Francisco is a unique city that has a great deal to offer in terms of things to see and do, restaurants to try, museums, performances and concerts, sports teams, recreational activities and more.  San Francisco prides themselves on their environmental-friendliness, as much of the community contributes to this effort.  San Francisco truly has something to offer everyone, it is definitely a great place to visit!