Packing For A Business Trip

As a working mom going on a business trip can be stressful. In addition to preparing any work for you trip you need to pack and be sure that your children and spouse are all taken care of for the time that you’ll be away. Alleviate some of that stress by following these tips for packing for a business trip.

Plan ahead

A few days before your trip look at your itinerary and plan what you need to pack. Then stick to that list! Obviously, if the weather forecast for where you’re going drastically changes then you can change what you planned to bring, but if not then don’t stray away. It will just make the days before your trip that much more stressful. When you don’t know exactly what to wear, dress conservatively and keep the standards for international business attire in mind.

Carry-on only

There are many reasons why you should just bring a carry-on and not a check-in bag. The only time that you should check a bag is if you’re going for an extended period of time, more than 2 weeks. Bringing a check on ensures that your luggage won’t get lost. You also save yourself time before and after your flight. When you get to the airport you don’t have to wait on the long line to drop off your bag and when you get to your destination you don’t have to wait at baggage claim for your suitcase.

Mix and match

Many travel experts agree that by mixing and matching 9-10 pieces of clothing you can get up to 2 weeks of outfits. Stick with neutral colors and basic styles of clothing. Your best bet is bringing 3 bottoms (2 dressy and 1 casual), 4 shirts, and 2 jackets. If you’d like, and have room, you can also pack a dress. Only pack 2 pairs of shoes, one dressy and one casual. If you’d like sneakers, wear them on the plane, as they usually take up a lot of space.

Go light on the accessories

Don’t bring any accessories with you that you’d be scared to lose. If you love wearing watches consider buying a travel watch that is inexpensive and goes with everything. For those women who wear jewelry with every outfit it’s wise to travel with costume jewelry and not your expensive, or even priceless, jewelry. You could even replace a necklace with a cute and colorful scarf!

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